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MyBalanceNow is a prepaid gift card that can be used to make a purchase from any store in the USA. Whether it’s a MasterCard, Visa, or debit card, all cards must be activated before they are used to make any sort of purchases. You must register on the to make sure that you are able to access all the financial information easily.

Target is a retail chain that provides you the best options to select the gifts for your loved ones. You can use the Target Gift Cards anytime you want to make the purchases you want. The only condition is that you must have enough balance in your account. The balance can be checked regularly at the official website

If you want to check your account balance online, first register on the website with all the contact details and some information regarding your Target Gift Card. After signing up, you can simply sign in to your account to check the balance of your Target gift card online. You can also do this by dialing this toll-free number at 1-800-698-4952.

MyBalanceNow Contact Details:

By phone: If you have any issue regarding your My Balance Now account, kindly contact customer support team at the number 1-800-698-4952

By mail: Dispatch your problems in writing at the following mail address:

Customer service

Box 826

Fortson GA 31808

You can even check your gift card balance without contacting by using the official MyBalanceNow online portal. Before you can use this online portal, you just need to register in advance to be able to easily sign in at any time to verify or use the available balance of your gift card. The MyBalanceNow portal eases out the convenience level of the users to a great extent. Target has made sure that this portal is extremely easy and secure for each and every user to access.