The Comparison

MyBalanceNow is a regular prepaid card that has been accepted by almost all the stores all over the country. You must register on the official website to use the services offered by this portal. In addition, activating the card on the official portal is mandatory.

This portal was launched to provide details about the MyBalanceNow gift card. Here the cardholder can manage their cards easily online. If you are facing any sort of troubles while registering on the official portal, you can see the register section of our article. We have explained each and every detail about the MyBalanceNow in detail.

Electronic Gift Card VS Mobile Gift Card: The primary difference between these two gift cards is the shipping method. Mobile gift cards are delivered to your cell phone, while the electronic gift card is mailed. Mobile gift cards are generally delivered as SMS with the link to the gift card. These cards are accessible at the official MyBalanceNow portal.

In general, an additional service fee is required to send the text. Both cards can be delivered within 4 hours of purchase and they can be scheduled up to 3 months in advance.

Visa and Mastercard gift cards: These are special gift cards that are issued by The Bancorp Bank or MetaBank® from Target Inc. These gift cards differ from other Target gift cards in that they are not rechargeable, can be used outside of Target stores, and are accompanied by specific expiry date.

The distinguishing feature of other debit and credit cards is the lack of personal and financial information that you must provide to use this card.

On special occasions and birthday parties, many people use the Target gift cards to make their friends’ day special, which they choose according to the delivery agent. The MyBalanceNow portal has also enhanced the convenience of users to a great extent.